PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4The PlayStation 4 is entirely dedicated to gaming. Unlike the Xbox One, which tries to function as a multimedia center, the PS4 was designed for gaming and gaming only. Sony has announced that they believe they have created the ultimate video game system for dedicated, hard-core gamers. Visually, the PlayStation 4 is slim and attractive, unlike its predecessor. With a new, more powerful processor under the hood to drive realistic video and sound, PlayStation 4 begs for a test drive.

What Makes The PlayStation 4 a Smart Purchase?

If you are shopping for a dedicated gamer, the PlayStation 4 is the console for you. The PS3 was an attempt to create an “all-in-one” home entertainment vehicle. In doing so, the focus away from gaming as its primary function left some Sony buyers less than pleased.

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Fortunately, the PS4 shows a return to “gaming and gaming only” on the fourth-generation PlayStation. 500 GB of memory means plenty of storage space. And incredibly realistic graphics come from the 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine. Coupled with an HD display, this makes any experience as real as possible for gamers.

One of the biggest changes to the PlayStation 4 is found in the controller. Arguably the most important part of any video game console, the controller has been improved drastically from the previous generation. The DualShock 4 wireless controller has been ergonomically designed for a more intelligent and intuitive experience.

The control grips are longer and easier to hold. The joysticks have also been redesigned for easier use. The front 2 shoulder buttons are bigger, making them easier to access. The rear control triggers are spring based, and have been redesigned to more correctly contour to the shape of a gamer’s fingers.

The controller also contains a built-in speaker that helps you monitor your health status and other game play events with in-game radio broadcasts.

With serious gamers, speed and fluidity are everything. PlayStation 4 guarantees no ghosting, freezing or slow play with an 8 core AMD processor and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM memory. This means nonexistent lag, blazing speed and outstanding lighting and graphics.

The PlayStation 4 also offers remote play, when used with Sony’s PS Vita portable gamer. For so many reasons, this console is the perfect purchase if the gift recipient is serious about video gaming.

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