Skylanders Trap Team Video Game Lineup

Skylanders Trap Team Video Game LineupThe popular Skylanders action-adventure video game franchise has released its 4th installment. Skylanders Trap Team launched just in time for the holiday shopping season in the United States, Australasia and Europe in 2014. The virtual magical kingdom of floating islands that makes up the Skylands universe has experienced Spyro’s Adventure, Skylanders: Giants and the SWAP Force battle, but now possibly the most devastating occurrence in the history of Skyland has occurred. Read on to see just what Skylanders fans can expect from this fourth-generation interactive video game series from Activision.

What Makes Skylanders Trap Team Video Games Such a Great Purchase?

The first thing parents want to know is, “Why should I buy Skylanders Trap Team for my child?” Fortunately, the answer is quite simple. This fourth-generation Skylanders scenario centers around Kaos, and his escape from Cloudcracker Prison.

An entirely new Skyland character type, Trap Masters, has been created that works through the Portal Master (your child) to capture all of the dangerous villains which escaped when Kaos blew up the virtual prisoner that was holding him.

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Acting as the Portal Master, your child has the duty to use the new and never before released Trap Master characters to round up all of the escaped villains. The bottom line is, if your child enjoys playing any of the previous Skylanders games, this is going to be considered a “must have” purchase.

For those parents that do not understand how this wireless, interactive, physical toy / videogame marriage works, it is really quite innovative. When your child places a Skylanders: Trap Team character on the special base that works with its particular video game console or handheld device, that character appears on that display.

As battles are fought, several player levels are increased, and that data is saved back to the physical Trap Team character. Each Skylanders toy contains a computer chip which wirelessly records and transmits data back and forth to your child’s video game.

Different Skylanders Trap Team starter packs, as well as individual character pieces, are available for online purchasing. Parents looking for Skylanders Trap Team video game products in physical stores should be warned – this is an exceptionally hot gift which is much easier to find online than in land-based toy stores.

The Skylanders Trap Team range of products will make a smart purchase for the parent or gift giver that wants to present the latest and greatest Skylanders interactive video game to a young gamer. Different packages, starter kits and individual toys are available, recommended for children 10 years and older.

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