Nintendo Amiibo Figures

Nintendo Amiibo FiguresThe technologically advanced Nintendo Amiibo figures that work with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS gaming platforms keep your child something you never had. When you were growing up, you had to imagine how your favorite superheroes, comic book and movie characters would battle each other, and who would win. But the new Nintendo Amiibo lets kids use their imagination and creativity as they combine and battle popular videogame and comic book characters. How does Nintendo Amiibo accomplish this? Let us take a look.

Why Nintendo Amiibo Figures are Such a Smart Purchase

If your child has Skylanders interactive toys, he already understands how Amiibo characters work. When you tap a Nintendo Amiibo figure against a Wii U GamePad, its virtual representation appears on the gaming display. With at least one dozen first-generation Amiibo figures released, this means your child can finally discover which video game characters would win and lose in particular battles.

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The first wave of Nintendo Amiibo figurines will work with the Wii U Super Smash Brothers video game, and more are being released in the future for other gaming consoles. The figures contain an NFC (Near Field Communications) transmitter and receiver, along with a computer chip for data storage.

Each time these technologically intelligent figures do battle on your child’s Wii U gaming console, that character’s special abilities receive a boost. This increases their overall level, offense, defense and attack powers, and ability to perform special moves.

What parents are going to love is the low cost of these individual toys. Priced at around $15, purchasing one for your child every month or two is an inexpensive way to reward good behavior.

And while the Skylanders line of figurines works the same way, those characters are specific to that universe. The novelty of the Nintendo Amiibo approach is being able to team up with or fight against characters from different popular video games.

Your child may pit the Wii Fit Trainer against Mario from Super Mario, or Link from The Legend of Zelda can team up with Pikachu from Pokémon to fight Marth from Fire Emblem. The ability to battle across these different popular franchises means that Nintendo Amiibo figures are going to be the hot interactive toy for 2015 and beyond.

Parents will also like that there is no expensive video game console to purchase. The first generation of Nintendo Amiibo figures will be released for the Super Smash Brothers Wii U gaming platform, with those and other characters providing compatibility in the future for the Nintendo 3DS and other gaming systems.

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