Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow

Zing Air Storm Z Tek BowAvailable in 2 neon colors, this bow and foam arrow set can send fun flying for preteens and teens. The unique design twist on a traditional bow is attractive and stylish, while appealing to youngsters with an appreciation of futuristic looking toys. 2 different types of arrows are included with this bow purchase, and extra arrows are available. Shooting rounded, cushiony, foam or suction cup heads, the low-priced Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow needs a closer inspection.

Why Is the Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow a Good Purchase?

The price tag on this safety bow and arrow set makes multiple purchases possible. And it really is something that younger kids, teens and even some adults will all find enjoyable.
Air Hunterz Red Arrow Refills are affordably priced, and include 2 Zonic Whistle arrows and 1 Zartz suction cup arrow. Previous buyers noted that this was a very difficult item to find in land-based stores. Amazon and other retailers online make purchasing easy, accessories and extra arrows are readily available online as well, and since the bow does not weigh much, shipping is a negligible cost.

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Also, if your child has any of the many Air Hunterz arrows or bow sets, they are compatible and interchangeable with this one. And parents, here is a smart buying tip. Even if you have one Air Hunterz or Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow currently, purchasing 1or 2 more means your child always has plenty of arrows to share with his friends and siblings.

Another feature that parents will like is the extremely low price tag on this set. Kids are rough on toys, and although this bow and arrow safety set is well made and durable, the attractive price tag means inexpensive replacement if your child breaks or loses theirs.

And do not forget, these arrows can travel up to 100 feet, so it is a good idea to purchase the inexpensive arrow accessory packs when you make your purchase.

For bow and arrow lovers and little archers, the Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow with 3 arrows makes an inexpensive gift. Great for getting your kids out of the house and active, this is a super smart purchase for budget-minded parents that want to give their children a gift they will love and use, and other children will admire.

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