Twista Balance Bike by Yvolution

Twista Balance Bike by YvolutionThe Yvolution Y Velo Twista is the weird sounding name for a kids balance bicycle. The idea behind the traditionally designed tricycle is that toddlers have a hard time with their balance. So the widely spaced 2 back wheels help them learn to balance a trike so they can confidently step up to a 2 wheel “big kids” bike. That is exactly what this balance training toddler’s cycler accomplishes. The Yvolution Twista Balance Bike does incorporate 3 wheels like a standard tricycle, but the 2 rear wheels can be separated or moved closer together as your child’s bicycling ability improves. Let’s take a closer look.

Does The Twista Balance Bike by Yvolution Make a Good Purchase?

Traditionally, parents have had to purchase a tricycle and a bicycle to teach their toddlers how to bike. And kids learn so fast, the tricycle quickly becomes outdated. That does not happen with the Yvolution Twista Balance Bike, which is effectively both a toddlers tricycle and bicycle in one.

Also known as the Yvolution Y Velo Twista, this 2-in-1 bicycling trainer works in 2 different modes. During the Stage 1 Training mode, the bike’s double rear wheels are separated. This gives your toddler more stability and is where they should start learning to balance and ride.

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With that extra support and balance, your child quickly builds self-esteem and pride for his or her biking ability. Also boosting motor skills and eye hand coordination, the Twista Balance Bike can quickly switch into Stage 2 Balance Bike mode when your child is ready.

This uses the aforementioned “Twist & Click” feature designed by Yvolution to move the rear wheels closer together. Your children further improve their balance skills as they bike, meaning that this smart tricycle / bicycle grows with your child.

Parents understand how important it is to instill self-esteem and independence in their children. And that is exactly what this training balance bike does, meaning that your child can progress to a standard 2 wheel bike by without using embarrassing training wheels.

A really smart and unique idea, the Yvolution Y Velo Twista balance bike was intentionally designed with no pedals. This allows children as young as 2 years old to improve their biking balance before moving to a bicycle. This innovative balance trainer helps boost your child’s developmental progress, and does so with an affordable price tag.

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