The Razor Crazy Cart

The Razor Crazy CartRazor is the name of a company which makes scooters and go carts. And while they have some traditionally modeled products, the Crazy Cart is probably different than any go cart you have ever seen. The company calls this the ultimate drifting machine, and with its 360 degree wheels, steering and drift bar, you really have to see one in action to understand how much fun this can be. Colored red and black with durable steel construction, the Razor Crazy Cart is begging for a test drive.

What Makes The Razor Crazy Cart A Good Buy?

The Razor Crazy Cart is recommended for children 9 years of age and up, but this should not be considered a toy. It can go as fast as 12 mph, and it does include a safety strap for your child’s lap or shoulder. There is also a flag which attaches to make the cart more visible.

The unique, multi-directional motorized system provides 360 degree steering. This is possible because of a large front wheel which is controlled directly by the 360 degree steering wheel which is located above it. 4 multi-directional casters are included, and the drift bar lets your child control how he spins and slides.

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One feature that parents will like is the ability to drive the Crazy Cart like a standard go cart. When kids want to get a little crazy, they simply engage the drift bar, which enables omni-directional driving.

Out-of-the-box there is very little assembly, and once fully charged you can expect up to 40 minutes of drive time. Bear in mind that the Crazy Cart is only recommended for riders up to 132 pounds in weight.

In crazy mode, you can drive in reverse, forward, in any diagonal direction and even sideways. The battery has been sealed for safety reasons, and another really nice feature is the variable speed foot pedal.

This teaches your child “real world” gas pedal skills. The harder he presses, the faster he goes. He regulates the speed simply by raising and lowering his foot. Consider this a safe and fun starter vehicle for your children.

It is recommended that your child operate the Razor Crazy Cart in standard go cart mode first. Once he or she is comfortable, drift bar madness can begin. No brake pedal means your child learns to slow down and stop by easing off the accelerator, steering and using the drift bar. This is a great way to boost eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills in children.

Weighing a durable 72 pounds, the Razor Crazy Cart is both a standard go cart and wild omni-directional speedster. It makes a great purchase for families with active children, and delivers important responsibility and safety lessons.

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