Ripstik Caster Board

When shopping around for a fun toy for older children, skateboards have always been quite the popular item. However, because of the many different style and brands out there, finding a quality skateboard that makes a grand difference to the user can be a little challenging. In my search of a good skateboard to buy, I came across the Ripstik Caster Board.

The Ripstik Caster Board is combination of a snowboard and skateboard. With the functionality of a skateboard, the feel of a snowboard and the look of a futuristic vehicle on two wheels for older kids without the dangers of running people over, this toy is definitely one to rave about.

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Some of the features the Ripstik Caster Board has are:

• Inclined caster wheels – These wheels allow the rider easy maneuvering because it can go in any direction. The wheels are made of polyurethane so you know that they are durable and sturdy.

• Concave platform deck – This helps make easier twists and turns so that the rider can continue moving forward without having to push off the ground.

• Traction pad, kick tail and nose – This helps prevent any slipping on any surface when doing any tricks.

• Rubber handle – To make it easy to carry around if the rider isn’t riding on it.

• It has a capacity to carry a rider that is about 220 pounds.

This is a great gift to give away for children and adults because it is very durable too. It can support riders who are about 220 pounds. Professional skaters and professional skater hopefuls are able to show their skills by doing tricks with very little hassle. The features included with this wonderful toy will allow them to perform their tricks safely. You can also ride on different kinds of pavements with an ease since the wheels can turn 360 degrees and the board allows pivotal action. Just by doing a few twists on your board to shift your weight, you can keep moving onward. There is no need for you to take your foot off the board.

The board is also light enough to carry around. You can have a comfortable grip on the Ripstik Caster Board because of its rubber handle. In addition to having a good time on this board, the package comes with extra caster trucks in case your wheels get broken or rusted. After researching online, I also found out that tons of consumers found this gift to be worth it. One buyer even mentioned he loved it because “It’s much better than a skateboard because you don’t have to push and you can make really sharp turns.” With the different features this board has, you know that your child or older loved one will have a blast for hours.

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