Penny Complete Skateboard

Penny Complete SkateboardAlmost all kids and teenagers go through some type of skating phase at one point in their lifetime. The Penny skateboard brand is known for high quality boards at reasonable prices. If you are thinking about a board for yourself or as a gift for someone else, find out what other consumers had to say after purchasing their Penny Complete Skateboard.

Should You Buy the Penny Complete Skateboard?

Pros: With so many colors to choose from, the Penny Complete Skateboard is very customizable to the likes of any skater. The plastic board is lightweight, making it fast to ride but also easy to pick up and carry around. Since the plastic surface can get a little slick, many skaters recommended putting grip tape on the board before using it.

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Replacement parts and upgrades are easily available, definitely making this board a keeper. Even though the board is smaller in size, both younger children and adults used it easily.

Cons: Buyers need to be aware that many third party sellers are selling Penny skateboards that are cheap copies. Only buy directly from reputable sources or from the genuine company itself. Some buyers could not distinguish between the real Penny boards and the copies. Of the complaints registered, many of the boards warped, split or completely broken in half, but those boards could have been the ‘fake’ Penny brand. One way to make sure that the Penny board is authentic is to check the ‘made in’ stamp. Real boards are made in Australia and imitation boards are made in China.

While both children and adults can use this board, professional skaters did recommend a larger board for tricks or steep slopes. Some consumers had the paint chip or fade off the bottom and sides of the board, but that should be expected with any toy you put your feet on or use as a street vehicle.

As long as you can make sure that you are purchasing a genuine Penny Complete Skateboard, it is definitely worth the money. The wide array of colors and designs make it truly unique and the fact that it is so portable also makes it practical. If you are still questioning whether or not to buy the Penny Complete Skateboard, do not think any harder and give into the ‘yes.’

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