Huffy Green Machine

Huffy Green MachineHuffy began importing bicycles in 1887 in Dayton, Ohio. The first bicycle the company manufactured was way back in 1892, and the company has since been known for quality and innovation in the bicycle industry. Huffy has been globally successful, selling more than 100 million bicycles by the year 2006. The Huffy Green Machine can be viewed as a durable high-end toy or entry-level recumbent-style bicycle or tricycle. Let’s climb on board and take it for a spin.

Is the Huffy Green Machine a Smart Purchase?

On recumbent bicycles, you assume a prone position. You are laying virtually flat while you pedal. The Huffy Green Machine supports your back so you are in an upright seated position, but the design of the bike itself is horizontal in nature.

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The Green Machine comes in 2 versions, both accordingly painted a bright neon green with black wheels and green rims. The 16 inch Green Machine can support up to 80 pounds, while the 20 inch version can support kids, teens and adults up to 150 pounds in weight.

Design features include durable resin pedals and a steel crankshaft. There is also a tall orange flag for safety and visibility included. This makes the bicycle long-lasting and safe, with dual chrome exhausts giving the bike a speedy classic car look.

The large front wheel on both models is thin. Dual rear wheels are extra-wide, measuring 10 inches across. As opposed to most other horizontally designed bicycles and recumbent bikes, the Huffy Green Machine offers infinitely adjustable seating.

This allows multiple users to enjoy this unique looking and sturdy bicycle without having to make multiple purchases. The Huffy Green Machine has been around since 1975, and still displays a cool, retro look. This modern version makes the vehicle definitely the coolest 3 wheeled bicycle you have ever seen.

What makes this more than just a tricycle is the low center of gravity and horizontal design. But also, dual vertical joysticks rather than a traditional handlebar make for a unique experience.

This allows independent and/or simultaneous control of both front and rear wheels and braking systems, making for 360 degree spins, slides and other moves. There is even a pink version for young ladies, making the Huffy Green Machine a fast and fun, head turning bike for boys and girls.

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