3 Wheel Kick Scooters

3 Wheel Kick ScooterThe 3 wheel kick scooter takes the old fashioned scooter and gives it a more modern, more stable update. It can be the perfect method of exercise for the entire family from small children to the adults, and more importantly it is a lot of fun. Once you try it you will be hooked and you will quickly forget that you are working out.

If you have looked around in your neighborhood or at your children’s school, or even in your own home, you are no doubt, well aware of the rising obesity epidemic. It is bad enough that adult obesity numbers are climbing rather steadily, but the numbers for children are tripling as well.

Children are now starting to deal with diseases and chronic conditions that were once reserved for adults. Problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease are attacking children as young as ten at rates that are described as epidemic and plain frightening! Part of the problem is poor diet, but look at how many of them are sitting in front of the television, the computer screen or sitting with their handheld game systems. Poor, pale little children missing out on the days spent in the summer sun, feeling the wind whip through their hair as they swing or bike or run down hillsides, laughing with their friends. Instead of meeting up and playing tag or other games, they text each other.

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It is time for children to take back their childhood. It is time for adults to regain some of their youth. Get on a 3wheel kick scooter and see how long it takes before you are winded, laughing and anxiously waiting for your turn once again. It won’t matter if you are five, fifteen or fifty, you just want to ride that scooter one more time!

Getting a scooter for the entire family (as well as all of the safety gear) is not that big an investment if you consider the alternatives of poor health and major health care bills. It can bring your family together once again- everyone getting together to ride 3 wheel scooters, getting fresh air, exercise and family time all at the same time.

Instead of joining a gym that you won’t want to go to anyway, use the scooter to reach all of your fitness goals and have fun while you are at it. Research shows that playing like a child is not only good for your physical body but for your spirit as well, so you are keeping your mind and body young and healthy. If a 3 wheel kick scooter can do all of that, doesn’t that make it worth it?

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