Razor RipRider 360

Razor RipRider 360Big Wheels were popular years ago and with the Razor RipRider 360, they have taken an old idea and turned it into something fast, fun and modern. Instead of popping wheelies, kids can drift sideways or spin into a 360. Find out what other buyers thought after purchasing their own Razor RipRider 360 and taking it out for a whirl (or glide!).

Is the Razor RipRider 360 Worth Buying?

The Razor RipRider 360 does need to be assembled by an adult but can be do so with little or no difficulty. Buyers who have owned the bike for six months or more all stated that it has held up fairly well, even after a lot of use. The blue color is very vibrant and maintains its color even after being out in the sun.

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Once kids get the hang of how to ride it, ninety nine percent of them absolutely loved it, with only a slight few being a little to scared to get back on it! Safety wise, even though the trike is low to the ground, a helmet should always be used since the bike can spin out of control easily.

One thing to note is that the big is pedaled like a normal trike in order to move forward, but the back wheels are casters, like those found on typical office chairs. If a child is riding on a slope or crooked surface, the back wheels will sometimes slip out or slide in unwanted directions, which in certain situations could become dangerous. There is also no sort of breaking mechanism, other than dragging their feet or simply jumping off the trike. The seat is not adjustable, which can be a problem for older kids of a shorter stature.

Depending on where you buy the Razor RipRider 360, the cost can vary a little, but it’s really not that expensive for a well made tricycle and a lot cheaper than a bicycle. Most kids and even many adults thoroughly enjoyed spinning, gliding and zipping around as long as safety measures were taken and the trike was ridden in a car free area. If you have an action loving child or know a dare devil at heart, the Razor RipRider 360 would make an excellent gift idea.

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