Step2 Water Works Water Table

Step2 Water Works Water TableKids love splashing around in water. But sometimes, simple backyard pool play is not involved enough to capture and hold your little one’s attention. That’s where the Water Works Water Table by Step2 comes in and saves the day. Rather than just presenting a container of water for your child to splash about in, Step2 has created a smart water-driven learning experience with chain reactions, sailboats and other fun accessories. Just how can the inexpensive and child-tested durable Water Works Water Table benefit your young ones physically and mentally while also allowing them to have a great time? Let’s take a look.

Why Is the Step2 Water Works Water Table a Great Buy?

Step2 is an innovative company known for creating safe yet smile-producing toys and play sets for toddlers, tweens and teens. Recommended for children 18 months to 15 years, the Step2 Water Works Water Table is another versatile and attractively priced learning tool disguised as a fun splashing adventure.

Fully assembled the elevated, circular “kiddie pool” measures 32 inches across. There are 3 sturdy legs which support the pool, and they can be removed easily for traditional ground level pool play.

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But the real fun comes when the funnel system with multiple outlets and chain reactions is built in the center of the pool. Using the scoop accessory to pour water into the funnel top creates a chain of water powered events.

Your child learns that his or her behavior can cause certain effects. Also, motor skill development is enhanced. And there is still plenty of room for your children to reach their hands down and splash water everywhere, as they love to do.

This is a really smart and simple improvement over the traditional and often boring circular kiddie’s pool. Aside from the three-legged pool itself, your little tykes receive a 5 piece funnel which they have to build for the water works to begin. There are also 2 scoops included, and 2 fun, multicolored sailboats.

Step2 has really done a great job improving upon what is already a fun experience for youngsters … splashing around in water. The colorful and sturdy Water Works Water Table has a very affordable price tag, and makes a smart purchase as a learning and playing toy for your little water-babies.

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