Shopkins Supermarket Playset

Shopkins Supermarket PlaysetIf you have young ones that love to help out when you head to the market, this playtime shopping game might be the perfect purchase. A couple of exclusive Shopkins characters are included in this supermarket play set. Your little shopper will receive a small shopping cart and collectors guide which helps them keep track of just which characters they have, and the ones they need to complete their collection. With a full line of complementary items and accessories, the Shopkins Supermarket Playset deserves a closer look.

Is the Shopkins Supermarket Playset a Good Purchase?

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age because of small parts which may cause a choking hazard, the Shopkins Supermarket Playset will appeal to little shoppers 5 years and older. Your purchase includes 1 Playset, 2 Exclusive Shopkins and 1 Shopping Trolley / Cart.

Click here to view the bestselling Shopkins Supermarket Playset ~ online for low prices and fast shipping… is a great place for parents to go to learn about the Shopkins lineup. Your child can also meet all of the Shopkins characters, enjoy playing free games, as well as keep track of which Shopkins they have and the ones they want right on the site. 148 different Shopkins are available for purchase, faithfully reproducing the characters seen in the cartoon and animated web series of the same name.

These cute little plastic characters “live” in different areas of an imaginary supermarket. Shopkins can be found in Fruit and Veg, Pantry, Bakery, Sweet Treats, Dairy, Party Food, Health and Beauty and Frozen Food categories.

This particular play set includes 2 Shopkins characters. Each of the sets that Shopkins releases also include a number of characters, meaning that your child is going to want you to purchase plenty of sets. There are also inexpensive Shopkins character packs available so you do not have to buy a brand-new play set every time you want to help your children fill their collection.

Some retailers, such as Amazon, have even begun selling individual Shopkins characters for as little as $1 or $2. This will appeal to parents who want to help their children complete their collection without breaking the bank.

The Shopkins Supermarket Playset is colored in pink, light blue and purple, and appeals more to little girls that little boys. However, any young child can enjoy the collectible aspect of this imaginative toy shopping play set it which is also affordably priced.

Click here to view the bestselling Shopkins Supermarket Playset ~ online for low prices and fast shipping…

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