Zoomer Dino

Zoomer DinoBoys and girls alike love dinosaurs. And what could be more fun for a kid than controlling his very own RC baby Tyrannosaurus Rex? Boomer is the name of the vividly painted lime green and white plastic dinosaur that screeches, rolls, shakes his tail and moves his head with a mere wave of your child’s hand. Zoomer is the name of the toy company that makes Boomer, and they have included a remote control which can unlock special action features that will delight your child. The Zoomer Dino Boomer is an intriguing and unique remotely controlled toy, so let’s power him up and take him for a spin.

Why Is the Zoomer Dino a Smart Purchase?

Even adult RC fans should take a look at this cool, speedy little baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. Boomer is brightly painted in a lime green and white pattern, and uses special technology to keep balanced whether you have him dancing, “running” or standing in place.

True Balance Technology allows your child to take Boomer just about anywhere in your home, controlling his actions with a wave of his hand. There is also an included wireless remote control powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) which can be used to access multiple features.

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If you pull on Boomer’s tail, he gets angry and begins to roar and chomp. Parents will appreciate that there is virtually no pressure when Boomer “bites”, and the toy has been safety tested for children 5 and older.

Boomer the Zoomer Dino can be trained to dance, using the wireless remote control in conjunction with hand movements. This unique combination is excellent for improving your child’s eye-hand coordination and teaching cause and effect lessons.

Parents who bought Boomer online at Amazon commented that the 3 AAA batteries for the remote control last virtually indefinitely. Another nice money-saving feature for parents is USB recharging compatibility. Simply attach Boomer to the USB port on any computer and he charges quickly.

Included in this purchase is 1 Zoomer Dino, 1 control pad, 1 instruction booklet and USB charging cable.

One cool feature your kids will love is the dino’s mood-indicating eyes. When Boomer senses the movement of your child’s hand, his eyes turn blue, and when you are training him effectively they become purple. If Boomer’s eyes turn red he is angry, and a little pat on the head will make him happy again, which you can tell when his eyes turn green.

The Zoomer Dino Boomer RC toy has a real personality, unlike most remote control toys. Kids love that they can control him simply by moving their hands, and the remote control allows your little one to train Boomer and control his moves. This brightly painted, rolling toy dinosaur makes a great purchase idea for kids 5 years of age and older, and appeals to girls and boys alike.

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