Vtech InnoTab Max

Vtech InnoTab MaxTablet PCs are a cross between a smartphone and a laptop. They are lighter and more portable than a laptop, and deliver a much bigger display than most cell phones. The Vtech InnoTab Max is a children’s tablet that provides safe Internet access for kids and “years of learning fun”. The idea behind this Vtech product is providing your child with fun and enjoyable Android applications and learning cartridges that also teach important lessons. Let’s power up the InnoTab Max and see exactly what you can expect.

What Makes the Vtech InnoTab Max a Smart Buy?

This kids tablet comes with a durable cover. And it supports hundreds of educator approved learning cartridges and Android applications. The screen is a large 7 inches, and your child operates the tablet through a touchscreen interface.

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Kid-safe Wi-Fi connectivity is nice. That means your child never ends up on a website where they should not. The VTech Kid Connect application has been included. This allows your child to exchange voice messages, photos, drawings and even text messages with you and other family members.

Your kids will also love that the camera includes a 180 degree rotation. This allows your child to enjoy video chat sessions with you on your smartphone, and a video recorder is also on board.

Since today’s children are much more capable with electronics than previous generations, this kid-safe learning tablet makes a lot of sense. You hand pick what applications and learning cartridges your child has access to, and you can keep in contact with them without having to purchase an expensive smartphone or tablet.

Group Chat and Family Bulletin features are included, and compatibility with all Android devices is guaranteed.

The Vtech InnoTab kids tablet also allows them to transfer whatever is on their display to your TV via an HDMI connection (HDMI cable not included). 8 GB of storage is provided, expandable up to 40 GB with the purchase of a complementary 32 GB microSD card. And the protective cover can also act as a stand.

The Vtech InnoTab makes a smart and affordable purchase for the parent that wants their kids to learn while they are playing. Age-appropriate downloadable content, a kid-safe Internet connection and hundreds of educator approved learning applications and cartridges make this kids tablet a great buy at a very affordable price.

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