MiP Balancing Robot

MiP Balancing RobotRobotics are no longer science fiction. For decades remotely controlled robotic toys and vehicles have been the norm. So what makes the WowWee MiP Balancing Robot so unique? First off, no handheld controller is needed to make MiP do his thing. And unlike most robotic toys, MiP is happy to take commands and play games with you through your smartphone or tablet PC. But what is really unique is how MiP gets around. Whether simply standing still, dancing or rolling, this fun little robot balances perfectly on 2 wheels. Let’s take a closer look at MiP and see just what robotics fans can expect.

What Makes the MiP Balancing Robot a Smart Buy?

The MiP Balancing Robot makes a smart purchase for anyone interested in robotics technology. For around $100 the 8 inch tall WowWee MiP miniature robot balances on 2 wheels, and has its own unique personality.

One really neat feature is the ability to control MiP with your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. The free apps lets you drive MiP and play games, or you can simply use hand gestures.

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MiP has been programmed with GestureSense technology. That means as long as you are within a few feet of this unique balancing robot, you can simply use hand motions and gestures to control it. He even responds favorably to praise and positive treatment, but you will have an angry robot on your hand if you treat him improperly.

Game modes you control with your hands include MiP, Tracking, Dance, Roam, Tricks, Cage and Stack. And if you decide to use your smartphone or tablet to join in on the action, Drive, Path, Dance, Boxing, Battle, Stack and Cans games are available.

Your purchase includes 1 WowWee MiP Robot, 1 balance tray, 1 stand and 1 sticker sheet, as well as a multilingual owners manual. 4 AAA batteries are needed for use and are not included. Shipping weight is just under 2 pounds, and MiP weighs less than 11 ounces out-of-the-box.

WowWee recommends this unique balancing robot for children aged 8 years and older, but teens and adults will also definitely get a kick out of playing with MiP. Battery life is great, and since this is not a rechargeable product, it is always ready to go. There is no time wasted waiting for MiP to charge up.

Just remember to use MiP on clean, flat surfaces. Pet hair can become tangled in the robot’s wheels, and battery life drains quickly on carpet. Use on flat, clean tabletops and flooring surfaces, and MiP will provide years of fun.

Whether shopping for someone else or yourself, you may want to consider the WowWee MiP balancing robot. Delivering its own unique personality and smartphone integration, this affordably priced miniature robot appeals to girls and boys, teens and adults.

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