LeapFrog My Pal

LeapFrog My PalLeapFrog is known for their high tech learning toys, but the company also offers a ‘softer’ side with the plush LeapFrog My Pal, Scout and Violet. Find out here whether or not these pups are worth the buy.

Is LeapFrog My Pal Worth Buying?

The LeapFrog My Pal comes in two colors: green (Scout) and purple (Violet), making it a perfect toy for both boys and girls. The soft plush makes it safe for babies as young as six months old, and the touch sensors on the pads of the feet are easy to activate. Older toddlers can use the music at night to help soothe them to sleep and timers can be set for the toy to automatically shut off from anywhere between two and ten minutes.

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Using a PC, the child’s name can be downloaded to the LeapFrog My Pal so babies can learn their names and tots can feel like the toy really ‘plays’ with them. There are songs already programmed into the dog but can also be changed using LeapFrog’s computer program. In order to download any type of content, a LeapFrog account must be created and asks for personal information about the parents as well as the child, including name, gender and birth date; none of which made parents too happy.

The main downside is that the toy tends to stop working a lot and while the company does offer refunds and customer service, no one was impressed with their level of service.

Also note that the child’s name can be programmed if, and only if, the name is listed on LeapFrog’s name list and there is no way for parents to record or request their child’s name.

Being an infant’s toy, the LeapFrog My Pal is bound to get dirty, but there is no way to wash it other than wiping down the exterior. The electronic box cannot be removed in any way.

When they toy functioned properly, buyers loved it and for the low price tag, the LeapFrog My Pal is not an expensive investment. If you do not mind the fact that the toy can’t be washed and have no problem submitting your personal data in order to access LeapFrog’s online content, then the LeapFrog My Pal would be a great learning toy while still being a comforting stuffed animal.

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