LeapbandAvailable in your choice of colors, the Leapband by Leapfrog Enterprises is touted as the “world’s first activity tracker made for kids.” The brightly colored and durable fitness tracker is worn on your child’s wrist just like a traditional watch. However, motion tracking technology ensures that your child is consistently moving and burning calories, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Let’s strap on the Leapband and see exactly what you can expect for your child.

Why the Leapband Makes a Smart Buy

While children can certainly use activity trackers which are designed for adults, there are a couple problems that can arise. Fitness trackers made for adults can be expensive, and kids are known to be very tough on their toys and possessions. That is why the Leapband was made.

Composed of kid-tough material and designed specifically for children between the ages of 4 and 7, this fitness and activity tracker is also an inexpensive choice and attractive financially.

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You can choose either pink, green or blue pastel colors. And just like adult activity and fitness trackers, motivational aspects have been included. For instance, you can preload with 50 activity challenges. This feature will tell your child to, “Pounce like a lion!”, “Wiggle like a worm!” or give your child other fun commands that get them moving.

Another nice feature is the parental control. This allows you to set play times and challenges to ensure that your child is frequently staying active. Most consumer electronics these days keep kids rooted to a display, so it is nice to see an inexpensive health-centered device made specifically for children.

But what makes your children fall in love with the Leapband is a customizable pet playmate that helps them complete challenges. Your child can choose from dragons, penguins, unicorns and other customizable pets. Virtual medals are awarded after important physical fitness goals are met, which keep your child motivated.

A special accelerometer and motion tracker work together to monitor your child’s activity levels and keep them engaged in calorie burning fun.10 smart play challenges and 4 cool down challenges are included, and you can add more than 36 extra challenges.

With a large 1.44 inch LCD high-resolution color screen, the water resistant Leapband is an excellent way to keep your child active. And with a budget friendly price tag, multiple purchases are possible for all of the 4 to 7 year olds on your shopping list.

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