Lazertag System 2PK

Spy and action movies are always fun to imitate when playing with other kids. You want to be the “real-life” hero saving the world from destruction and chaos, from the people who want to take over countries and want to rule, or simply ending the disputes of different sides. And what could be a better way to play your favorite spy than to do so with a game of laser tag? But going to a recreation establishment just to play laser tag can be expensive. Playing with toy guns alone might get you into a dispute with your friends about if you really “shot” them or not.

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Nerf ‘s Lazertag System 2PK allows kids of all ages allows you to play laser tag without the hassle of cost and disputes. The laser tag kit includes and features:

• 2 Phoenix LTX taggers – These battery operated guns will allow your kids to tag each other. While the kit only comes with two taggers, you can buy separate taggers if for additional players who want to join in. Attached to these taggers are “lazer loads” you can just reload when your tagger is empty.

• Recoil feature – This allows you to feel like you are firing a real weapon. With every shot that you fire, you will feel your gun push back a little.

• 2 shields – These shields allow you to protect yourself from being tagged, and it allows you to take a few more seconds to aim at your target for an accurate hit.

• Rumble packs – These rumble packs vibrate to let you know when you have been hit by your opponent. Now there will be no disputes about you hitting or not hitting the other person.

• Lights and sounds – The equipment that come with the kit all light up, make sounds and vibrate to indicate when you’ve fired a shot or got hit with the laser.

• Adjustable strength levels – You can adjust the strength level of the game so that you can accommodate the difficulty for all the players. If there is a mix of ages or skills for the game, adjusting the strength level so that it is fair for all will minimize any disputes or concerns.

The Lazertag System 2PK is a game guaranteed to bring out the fun and excitement from all the people that play the game. While the game is manufactured for 8-15 year olds, people of all ages are able to play. The fact that it also makes sounds, lights up and vibrates will just make your game a little more interesting. Because of all the great reviews this toy has received, you can take ease to the fact that it’s well worth your money.

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