Jakks Spy Net Video Watch

The Spy Net Video Watch by Jakks is the ultimate must have spy watch for any junior spy. Unlike most of the spy watches on the market today, the Spy Net Video Watch actually lives up to the hype and will be one of the hottest toys for boys ages 8 through 15 this holiday season. You will be amazed at the number of features as well as the quality of this product versus the competition.

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First off, this watch has a real working video camera and built in microphone to record approximately 20 minutes of video and sound. The quality of the recording and playback is really good and is surprising based on the size of the product. This watch also allows you to take still photos as well as time elapsed photos.

One feature that really stands out is the lie detector capability of the Spy Net Video Watch. Using the stress levels in one’s voice, it analyzes and detects if someone is lying vs telling the truth. You do have to calibrate the lie detector with a true statement from the user, but you can see how much fun this could be when used with friends or in a group setting.

One other notable feature is the voice changer feature. This feature can change ones voice from normal person to an old man, boy to girl or an adult to child. This is one of those features that kids will love to use over and over again. Other features include the ability to record up to 4 hours of just audio, capture up to 2,000 photos, onboard memory and the ability to upload/download missions from SpyNetHQ.com.

The Spy Net Video Watch will need to be charged via the USB charger that comes with the unit. Although the watch comes with a small charge out of the box, you will definitely want to charge the unit before use. The approximate charge time is a reasonable 2 hours and can be charged via a laptop or home computer. If the watch ever loses its charge, there is no risk of losing any data since it uses a fail-safe memory feature that keeps your data secure and safe. Like most electronic devices, you may see the watch “freeze” from time to time, but you can fix this quickly by holding down the reset button on the side of the watch.

SpyNetHQ.com is a web site that you can use in conjunction with the watch to download and upload mission data. You will need to connect the watch via the USB port to your computer to use this function. You can also upload recorded video to the website and share it with your friends.

Overall, this is a fantastic and fun toy for both boys and girls alike. They will have hours of fun recording videos, taking pictures and recording audio of their friends and family. They will also have a blast trying out the lie detector and voice changer feature. There is no doubt this will be one of the hit toys of the holiday season. Much like the Eyeclops night vision spy toy last year, you may want to grab this one before quantities are limited and stores are out of stock.

You can find Jakks Spy Net Video Watch at Amazon.com ~ Always low prices and fast shipping…

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