Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set

Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece SetWinner of the American Oppenheim Gold Seal and Platinum Awards in 2013, Magformers are one of the most innovative and impressive toys to come out in recent years. Put simply, Magformers are shapes with magnets in them that stick together. Sounds simple, right? The reality is that this simple idea has sparked a new wave of creative toys. The Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set is exactly what it says, with 18 square Magformer pieces and 12 triangular pieces. The only limitations on what your children can build are their imaginations. With brilliant colors and easy to use pieces, this magnetic construction set is a firm favorite for parents and children alike.

Is the Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set Worth Buying?

The recommended ages for the Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set are 3 years and older, and it would be wise to pay close attention to that advise. Young children have a tendency to eat small toy pieces, particularly ones as bright and colorful as the Magformers Rainbow Set. Magnets still work inside the body, and if a child swallowed two separate pieces, it could cause irreparable damage. For this reason, please pay strict attention to the age guidelines.

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As for the product itself, it really is a fabulous toy. There are some instructions included in the set, but the nature of Magformers encourages children to use their imagination. They must use creativity and innovation, as well as problem solving, if they want to build their imagined constructions. The pieces are extremely durable, so there is little risk of damage. This means children will have just as much fun breaking their structures down to rubble and starting again!

Ideally, this set would have twice as many pieces. Older children may find that there are not enough pieces in the set of 30 to allow them to really indulge their imagination and build the marvelous machines they can see in their mind. This is not a problem for younger children, who will be endlessly entertained, but be prepared for requests for additional sets from older children with more experience with construction toys. The box is too big for the number of Magformers pieces inside it, which is a little disappointing even though there are 30 full pieces as described.

Overall this is an excellent toy. The only downside is that your children will want more of it! However, this does mean that children can slowly build their collection, and it becomes an easy “go to gift” when struggling for ideas. And when your child has packed it all up for the night, don’t be surprised to see Dad take it back out for his own playtime!

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