Lego Super Heroes: The Batcave

Lego Super Heroes: The BatcaveIt’s been a while since Lego have revamped their popular Batman set, so if you know a child who loves this comic book hero then you’re in luck! The new set features a range of updated Lego minifigures in the cool Batcave: complete with plenty of weapons and gadgets!

Is Lego Super Heroes: The Batcave Worth Buying?

If you’ve got a Batman fan in your home then there’s no doubt that this set will go down well with them. Although there are some older Batman Lego sets, this one provides a long awaited revamp on some of the classic characters.

The minifigures themselves have seen quite a few improvements. For example, Poison Ivy is a lot more detailed than the original, and Robin is wearing a new suit revamped for this release. All of the characters (except Bruce Wayne) come with two expressions, adding to the detail of the set.

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The vehicles, too, have been revamped. The batcyle, in particular, looks very impressive, with a new sleeker, smaller design compared to the original. Extra features such as flick fire missiles and the spinning drill on Bane’s tank are also sure to impress little ones.

The Batcave itself comes with a range of impressive details, such as the computers, the costume changer where Bruce Wayne turns into Batman, and the batgear section featuring binoculars, handcuffs and batarangs. There’s also a holding cell for capturing the villains: plenty to encourage your child’s imagination.

Because of everything you get in the Batcave Lego set, it isn’t one of the cheapest Lego options out there. Then again, it isn’t one of the most expensive, either, and is well worth what you pay considering how much effort has gone into it.

The Batcave will take a little time to put together, so is recommended for children aged 7 and above, though once it’s been setup it provides the setting for hours of creative play. As long as you don’t mind the price tag, this set will make the perfect gift for any superhero fan.

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