Lego Ninjago Temple Of Light

Lego Ninjago Temple Of LightOne of Lego’s most popular product lines is the Ninjago range. Ninjago is Lego’s ninga-themed Lego world, where good battles evil and samurais challenge terrible monsters and giant mechs. The Ninjago range has captured kids’ imaginations completely and is sure to appeal to any child who is a fan of all things ninja!

This particular set is a large one, including a large building, several figures and a giant mech. But is this enough to make it worth buying? Read on to find out.

Is The Ninjago Temple Of Light Worth Buying?

The great thing about this set is the ninja theme. The Ninjago line is one of Lego’s most popular, and it’s not exactly surprising given the general appeal of ninjas and samurais. So if your child loves ninjas and all things warrior, this set is almost sure to appeal.

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The set itself is comprised of several figures, a large temple building and the giant mech character. The temple and mech both require assembly, with the mech in particular offering something unique as a Lego construction. The temple looks pretty appealing with its East Asian design, and coupled with the exciting mech and brilliant figures it’s a memorable set.

One of the best things about Lego is that it encourages kids to play creatively, and to be more active in how they entertain themselves. The video game generation this might be, but it doesn’t mean that all entertainment has to take place in front of a screen – in fact it’s important that it doesn’t. Giving kids a chance to get their hands on something three-dimensional and physical stimulates their minds in a way that can’t be achieved through entirely virtual play.

If there’s anything wrong with this set it’s mainly the price. It’s quite a lot to spend on a Christmas present and might beyond the budgets of some. Another minor complaint might be the fairly small temple building, but this isn’t a big deal.

Generally speaking, this is a great Lego set and does offer something special and exciting in the form of the mech. This mech is sure to win this set a special place in your child’s heart and will make play sessions that much more fun than they are with only the standard Lego figures. A great choice.

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