Lego Fusion Town Master

Lego Fusion Town MasterLEGO has been providing decades of building block fun. But the traditional LEGO experience has been relegated to physically building towns, characters and environments with the familiar LEGO blocks. What the Fusion Town Master product provides is virtual integration of the unique cities and buildings that you create. On the special playing surface you create a LEGO village. You can then control LEGO characters and continue to build your physical empire on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Lego Fusion Town Master Makes a Good Purchase

With the Fusion Town Master, LEGO has created both a virtual and physical building environment. Kids and adult LEGO lovers can build a “real world” city or environment using LEGO breaks in the traditional manner. But the game also comes equipped with special programming that allows you to transfer your physical creation to the virtual world.

Both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets are supported. And if you own any other LEGO fusion play sets, the bricks and figures you already have are also compatible with this set.

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Here is how it works. First, download the free Town Master building application (download instructions included in this set). Then unpack your set and begin building on the special fusion scanning plate. You then assemble the base of different types of buildings, stores and homes right on that special scanning plate.

Your creations are finished on your digital display where you act as the Mayor, solving problems and growing your town to keep your citizens happy. Schools, fire and police stations, hospitals and stores are required to keep your town growing and prospering, and you will be prompted when you have decisions to make as to which buildings you want to erect.

One really neat feature is the task reward system. While building your town you will be given tasks to complete. When you successfully do so, you are given more virtual studs to help grow your village. Also, you can strike out on your own. You do not have to complete the required tasks given to you, and you can build at your own speed.

Designed for kids between the ages of 7 and 12, the Lego Fusion Town Master will no doubt appeal to older LEGO fans because of its unique and intelligent format.

The Lego Fusion Town Master provides an interactive city building experience which combines physical and virtual worlds. The price tag is affordable for most budgets, making this LEGO play set a must-have for tech minded LEGO lovers and collectors.

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