Lego Chima Cragger Command Ship

Lego Chima Cragger Command ShipThe Lego range has come a long way in terms of how many options are now available. Unlike the basic creative inter-locking pieces that Lego originally designed, the new age of design options have escalated to a new level going beyond the imagination. The Lego Chima Cragger Command Ship (7006) is one of these newest building designs that children will love. Let’s have a closer look at this new Lego toy.

Is the Lego Chima Cragger Command Ship Worth Buying?

If your child is a Lego fan and loves to put things together, this buildable set is a perfect addition to his or her collection. The Lego Chima Cragger Command Ship is a great creative toy in the many Lego options now available for children and teenagers.

The basis of this Lego building toy is surrounded by a swamp war. The main characters included in this set are Leonidas and Lonner that try to escape from the Croc tribe CHI. Additional accessories include helicopters and boats that can deploy from the ship in a great adventure of creative play.

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Mostly all the parts are moveable for hours of interactive play, once it is meticulously built. There are many tiny and detailed parts included, in addition to the larger pieces. The directions can be a little complicated, so it is recommended that an adult be present to assist younger children who may have some difficulty.

Children and teenagers can enjoy hours of play with the multiple accessories and moveable parts. The front of the ship has a mouth that opens and closes to reveal teeth that are very realistic. The design also includes a swiveling tail and firing missiles to defend itself against attack. The colors of the pieces fit nicely together with true colors to bring this toy to life.

The Lego creation is large in size making it a full-action toy, which also has the ability to float in water. This Lego design is sure to bring hours of entertainment and is also great for collectors of the Legends of Chima.

This Lego buildable toy is well-designed and very detailed. The one downside that should be noted is that it does not entice the creativity of a child to design his or her own toy, as the model is preset. Overall, the intricate design makes a great addition to any Lego collector or for those who simply enjoy building Legos, making it a great buy.

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