Foam Blocks

Foam BlocksFoam blocks are great for babies to play with for a number of reasons. They are soft enough that they can pick them up. They are not going to hurt if they fall over and hit him in the course of playing. They are light enough that they can throw them. They are not noisy when they fall or when they are hit into one another. There are things that you should be looking at to make sure that those you are giving to your children are fun and safe.

Choosing Yours

There are several options. Some are just bright colors and an imprinted image. Others have been covered with brightly colored material. Which you choose may depend on the age of the child who will be playing with them. Regardless of age, make sure that the toys you are choosing are rated as safe by a trusted consumer products rating service and that you are choosing items that are non-toxic and flame retardant.

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Another thing that should be carefully considered is the size. While you want the baby to be able to pick them up with his own little hands, you also want to make sure that the toys are not so small that they could be choked on if he puts them into his mouth.

Caring for Yours

In addition to choosing the best type, proper care is also important. Each block should be washed carefully as suggested by the manufacturer. (If there is no suggestion, then a careful wash in the dishwasher or in the washing machine might be suggested unless the foam is extremely porous). Remember that these see a lot of time on the ground and then in baby’s mouth and back and forth, so they are very likely to pick up all kinds of germs. In addition, they should be looked at carefully on a regular basis so that you can see if there are any signs of damage before allowing him to play with them.

If they are uncovered, take them away from the baby as soon as his first tooth appears because otherwise, he will chew off pieces of them and may choke on them. It is also important to consider getting rid of the foam blocks and similar toys after a bout of serious illness and infection in your household.

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