Edushape Blocks

Edushape BlocksThere are so many things that kids can do with them, and Edushape blocks are fun for little ones to use, to learn and play. They can stack them. They can make other shapes with them. They can build “houses” and create make-believe games about living in their houses. Most of all, they can learn, without even knowing that they are learning

It is a well-known fact that if learning and fun are combined, kids (and adults) are going to pick things up faster. You would probably be quite amazed at the things that they can learn just from playing with these. Edushape has a number of different types of blocks for your young ones to use to play and learn. Theirs are made from a variety of materials and come in many different sizes.

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“Wood” They Can’t Hurt Themselves with

For years, some of the most popular for children to play with have been made from wood. In recent years, toy companies, have been using other materials that are much less dangerous. After all, kids do tend to throw things, and no one wants to get hit in the head with a wooden block. You can get ones that look just like the wooden ones you used to play with as a kid, but they are actually made from soft foam that is safe to use and won’t hurt anyone if thrown. These come in sets of 30 and 80, and will provide kids with hours of fun and learning.

Jumbo Textured

If you are looking for some that are lightweight and easy for little ones to play with, you will want to check out the Jumbo Textured ones. These have many different textures that will stimulate plenty of activity. Kids can use these to build things, trace them to create their own artwork, and a whole lot more. You can get 2.5 inch, or blocks that are five inches in size.

Building with Bricks

All children like to do the same things that grown-ups do, and they can simulate the actions of grown-ups in the construction industry with these. You can get ones that look like real bricks, which will give them the feeling that they are really building something cool. These are thick, and come in sets of 36 assorted sizes and shapes.

These are just a few of the products you can get to help your children play and learn at the same time. Get a few different Edushape blocks to mix and match, and see how much fun they can have building and learning.

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