Yugioh Cards

Yugioh CardsYugioh Cards were developed to allow people of all ages to play a game similar to the exciting battles in the Yugioh animated TV show. These cards are available at a wide variety of stores and online, with sets of cards combined to create decks of over 40 cards to play the game.

The Cards

There are sets of nine cards, called booster packs. These packages contain several common (easy to find) cards as well as a few rare cards (more difficult to come across). Rare cards stand out and are easily identifiable as such.

There are also special duelist cards, available in duelist packs. These packages of cards contain the same collection of cards that the characters have in the show. Each character’s set is different and has different benefits.

These cards must be obtained by participating in what is known as a duelist league. Duelist leagues hold special tournaments for game play. In addition to the booster packs of cards, there are many other collections of cards to help players (known as duelists) grow their collection and powers for the game.

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Getting Started With Yugioh

One of the best ways to get started is to purchase starter decks. These decks of cards contain at least 40 cards and every starter deck under the same name contains the same cards.

Yugioh starter decks come with a useful beginner’s guide to playing the game to get you started. They are ideal for people just learning the game, and are easy to understand, even for younger children. The cards contained in these decks are specially chosen to complement each other to make game play as easy as possible when first starting.

For slightly more advanced players, there are decks called structure decks. They have everything you need to play the game, but have more advanced cards in them. Like the starter decks, each structure deck of the same name contains the same cards. There are no surprises with what cards you will be getting, and structure decks also contain a playing mat.

Yugioh Game Play

The Yugioh card game is fairly straightforward. It has been compared to chess because the basic concept is simple, but you can apply complicated strategies as your skill level increases. In order to play, basic math skills and reading abilities are required. However, the game is easy enough for children just learning, and it offers a good way for them to practice and develop their skills. As they learn more and get older, they can adjust to include more complicated manners of game play.

Each player starts with 8,000 life points. The idea of the game is to protect your life points while decreasing your opponent’s life points. Every card has a different ability and will affect life points differently. While some cards act as “attack” cards, other cards act as defense cards to block attacks and preserve life points that would otherwise be lost. The game continues until one player reduces the other player’s life points to zero.

As your skill level increases, you begin to understand how to figure out what cards your opponent has to play. In doing this, players are able to defend themselves and make informed decisions on which of their own cards to use.

Many people that play Yugioh cards began playing many years ago when they were children, but continue to play through their college years and into their adult life, perhaps even teaching and playing with their own children. The game really can adapt to any level, and the more advanced you get the more likely you should consider joining a duelist team or tournament. Recommended for ages 6 through adult.

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