Wacky Wobblers

Wacky WobblersThere are toys that come and go, and then there are toys that will also be popular from generation to generation with very little change at all. Toy fads catch on, go crazy and then spawn collector frenzies and then, just as quickly, fade back into the background.

The wacky wobblers, a collective term for a wild bunch of insanely awesome bobble heads, remain high on the collectors lists because there are so many of them to choose from. Name a character, a famous cartoon or even a wide range of movies or television series and there is likely to be a set of wacky wobblers for it. Talk about cashing in on a current trend: there are even Jersey Shores wacky wobblers for those who can’t get enough of the reality television show or its outspoken stars.

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There are really no limits to the categories of the wacky wobblers and the price you will pay for each one in a series will depend on where you get it or who sells it to you. For instance, you may run across one or two that you need to complete a collection at a yard sale for only a few dollars or even less, while you might get drawn into a bidding war for a particularly hard to find wacky wobbler on an auction site. You have to understand that once you start collecting you probably won’t want to stop until you have the whole grouping. Someone who gets a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz may want the entire Wizard group of wacky wobblers. A sci-fi fan may not be able to rest until he or she has the entire Star Wars grouping or the Star Trek set or both.

Fans of classic cartoons such as the Flintstones or Scooby Doo as well as fans of more modern animated shows such as Family Guy and The Simpsons will be thrilled to see their favorite characters as wacky wobblers. Even Betty Boop, that iconic sex symbol from the distant past, is represented by a number of different wacky wobblers.

The question may be do you play with these as toys or do you keep them as collectibles and why can’t you do both? For the true collector, the object is to never remove anything from its original packaging, while for a child, a toy is never truly a toy until it is out in the open and getting played with and tossed around. Some of these may be best enjoyed as a toy and then maybe put on a shelf for display later while others will be bought for the sheer collectible thrill of it. It might even become a competition between family members to finish a certain wacky wobblers collection before the other!

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