Gogos Crazy Bones

Gogos Crazy BonesMost toys of seemingly modern design, including Gogos Crazy Bones, actually have a lot of history to them. Take for instance, the hula hoop. Originally, kids would roll the metal hoop from a barrel or even a wagon wheel with a stick as a game. Then, when plastics were developed and became popular, a lighter weight version of this makeshift toy was created and the fad took off from there. The Crazy Bones fad is no different in that respect. It was something modern that is a take on a very old game played by children in the distant past using updated materials and slight changes in the way the game is played.

The original game was called Astragal or Tabas, and the material of choice was bone – as in real bone, namely the knuckle bones of sheep. Most modern day parents would prefer that their children not play with bones of any kind, so today’s version are made of plastics. Of course, that allows the new bones to be more colorful and molded to a variety of different shapes. The Gogos are then released in series, typically featuring eight designs in five different colors with each series following a theme of some kind. Within each of these series, there are rare ones that are considered more valuable than others and collectors will pay twice as much (or more) for these bones.

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Not only are the Gogos a collectible item, there are several different games that can be played while using them. These games might depend on the age and the skill level of the players involved, but usually involves some level of skill as well as some measure of luck. The games can be adapted to suit the players, or they can follow the rules that are typically given by the official website as well as with each package.

Some fads are fairly localized, sticking to a single country or an area within that country, while others are more widespread and may gain international intention. Gogos started to be popular in the United States and Canada after the company owner saw how popular the game was in Spain. Gogos sold more than 350 million packs in a single year there! After finding success in the US and Canada, they expanded to the UK and then to South Africa and beyond. These were so popular, that they even were included as the toys in some fast food meals, in a slightly larger version.

The Gogos Crazy bones may have sprung from an ancient game, but they are still finding modern popularity.

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