Fisher Price Blocks

Fisher Price BlocksFisher Price blocks are often the first choice of many people, for a number of reasons. The company has been in business since 1930 and has been part of Mattel since 1993. Everyone has, at some point in their lives, had at least one or more Fisher Price toys.

They stand the test of time because they are well made with high quality materials. The company also understands the concept of age appropriate toys, designing infant and toddler toys that are meant to stimulate growing brains but sized so that little hands can grasp them.

There are several types of these blocks from the most basic, brightly colored, stackable ones to the newest set. These are crystal clear with little animals, people and objects inside of them. The baby can see the little animals but cannot touch them. These can be stacked like others or used to build little farms and other imaginative play.

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There are other items that can be used with these, including a little wagon that lets him pull it from room to room and shape sorters which encourages him to figure out which shapes go in the right place. Some of them even have other features like lights or sounds which further encourage play.

The best thing about these, whether they come from Fisher Price or not, is that they are not restricted to only one type of play. One day they can be used to stack and drop. One day they can be used in their sorter or just to clank together. As the child gets older and his creative play starts to expand, he can come up with his own games with his.

They travel well; you can toss a few in a bag and take them to Grandma’s house or to the beach. They can be dropped in the sand or whatever and then washed off to be as good as new. Most families find them so good to have around that the baby will end up having multiple sets wherever he is going to be playing and spending a lot of his time. They might have a few in the car, a few in the diaper bag and even a few of them in Mom’s purse.

The best are the ones that offer the most visual appeal. The more that he looks at something, the more it stimulates his brain. Fisher Price blocks can be a great way to catch an infants attention and to really inspire his development, physically and psychologically.

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