It’s My Biz Toy Range

It's My Biz Toy RangeIt’s My Biz is the name of a unique toy lineup by Fashion Angels that was specially developed to “get your little girls started early in fashion”. Instead of creating fashionable items simply for wearing, It’s My Biz activity business kits teach your child how to turn her passion for fashion into a profitable business. From beading kits to nail spas, young girls have fun while also learning the ins and outs of business. Since giving your little entrepreneurs a head-start in the business world in an area they love appeals to all parents, let’s take an in-depth view and see what you can expect.

What Makes the It’s My Biz Toy Range Such a Good Buy

This is a really great idea for parents of children that have shown an entrepreneurial spirit. And even if you just want to instill in your child a business mindset, the It’s My Biz business activity kits are a great way to do so. Your child still gets to have fun creating the fashion accessories and appearances they enjoy.

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But they are also shown a step-by-step way to run a successful fashion-centric business. Each It’s My Biz product includes a self-contained kit and step-by-step plan to help children run a successful business. In the 1950s and 60s, children ran lemonade stands in the front yard to get an understanding of how businesses work. This is a modern-day, advanced take on the same idea.

These kits really build your child’s self determination, work ethic, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Those are benefits that any parent can enjoy. And the price range is very attractive. The entire It’s My Biz line of products runs from approximately $19 and up, with items on sale frequently at online retailers like Amazon.

With so many toys these days geared simply towards play, it is nice to see products like these which teach important real-world skills, while also allowing your children to have fun.

It’s My Biz currently has 4 products offered in this range – Nail Salon, Cupcakery Bakery, Jewelry Boutique and T-Shirt Shop.

Parents are always looking for toys and play sets that help their children’s developmental processes. From honing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination to boosting your child’s brain in several ways, the It’s My Biz product line is a smart purchase for parents and teachers that want to show the children in their life that business can be fun.

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