Frozen Elsa’s Tiara

Frozen Elsa's TiaraThere is not a single little girl who has not seen the Disney Movie Frozen at this point. Almost every girl imagines becoming a princess and, with the Frozen Elsa’s Tiara, this dream can become a little more of a make believe reality. The price is right, but is the quality that great? Read on to find out what other consumers had to say after purchasing the Frozen Elsa’s Tiara.

Should You Buy Frozen Elsa’s Tiara?

Pros: The crown is made to accompany the Frozen Elsa’s costume, or can be enjoyed as a lone piece too. Frozen Elsa’s Tiara can be used for small children with no problem, but may need to just be set on the top of the head of older kids.

This toy comes in at a great price point, making it accessible for any parent or gift giver in need of something for a little Frozen fan. Since the crown is entirely made of plastic and has no electric parts or batteries, it makes for very easy clean up.

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Cons: The Frozen Elsa’s Tiara states that it is for use for children ages three and up, however most buyers agreed that the tiara runs very small, even for a three year old. The crown is said to be made of cheap material and does not shine or shimmer like the description says, but most children did not seem to notice.

The things adults did notice was that the crown was not very durable, having pieces fall off or having the crown break completely. Very few buyers claimed to have had a well-made product. It was also said that the actual crown did not really resemble the photographic representation online.

Frozen Elsa’s Tiara might not be the highest quality toy made, but it also has a pretty cheap price tag. Kids do not care how much a toy is worth, they only care about how much enjoyment they get out of it. If you have a Frozen Elsa fan or are looking for a gift for one, the Tiara is a good choice – she will probably end up wearing it all the time! If you are worried about the quality, buy the Frozen Elsa costume to go along with it and if the crown is not that great, that fact will be ignored by having the complete costume set.

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