Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix

If your little man is a big Ben 10 fan, getting him the Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix is going to bring joy to his eyes. Bandai, the maker of this toy has made several figurines for this toy to add you your collection.

Your child will love this because:

• Mini, translucent figurines. When your child places the figurine on the wristwatch, it lights up.

• Different sounds with each figurine. Each figurine you place on the band also has a special sound or alien voice.

• It is lightweight. Your young son will not feel uncomfortable wearing the band on his wrist. This device is only around 7.2 ounces, so even boys of 3 or 4 years old can bring this toy around.

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• The pieces are durable. Because this toy is made of sturdy plastic material, you can rest assure that it will not be easy to break or fall apart. Your child is able to play with this for hours, maybe even years.

• Familiar character. They will love that it features Ben 10 characters. They will be able to relate the characters based on the cartoons they’ve watched.

• Several figures to collect. Your son will love the fact that there are 10 different mini figures to collect, all producing different lights and sounds.

Little boys from age 4 to 15 are ideal users of this toy, but it can be enjoyed by everyone. Your child can pretend to be Ben 10 with this omnitrix toy. They will surely have hours of fun placing the figures on the base just to hear the different alien voices coming out of it. It makes it easier for the child to roleplay different characters and really uses his imagination. The toy is also very durable so you know that even if they get rough and wild, the chances of the device actually breaking is pretty slim.

Parents have really enjoyed watching their young boys play with the toy. The most common feedback that the toy has received was that it is definitely entertain to see little boys role play different characters. Their sons have hours of fun just pretending to be Ben 10. One parent even mentioned just how detailed the figures are, and how close they represent their characters on TV.

So if you are looking for the perfect toy for your Ben 10 fanatic, think about getting him Bandai’s Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix. It’s a toy he’ll love for hours.

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