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Mac Computers are much less common than standard computers, which means that many people ask me “Where Can I Buy a Mac Laptop?” on a very regular basis. Until fairly recently very few people were interested in Mac computers. However, lately, all of that has changed. The new computers from Apple run using Intel Core 2 Duo Processors and many of these new MacBook laptops have 1GB of memory installed as standard. While Apple computers used to be just as dull as a regular PC, now they are much more exciting. Click here to view the best selling Mac Laptops available to buy.

Mac LaptopIf you ever go into a computer shop then you will be immediately attracted to the apple symbols around the store. You even see apple computers used in TV shows, and on the news. So why are Macintosh computers so popular?

The reason why Apple laptops are becoming very popular is because they are more than just a computer; they are also a fashion statement. The MacBook and MacBook pro look like no other computer on the planet; they are very stylish and very desirable. Would you prefer an Apple computer, or a Toshiba computer? Both are big names, but Apple normally wins out, that is of course if you can justify the price.

Mac Laptops have a few additional features which make them even more attractive, in fact Apple claims that they have 200 features which make them really useful.

Most new Apple Mac Laptops have a built in webcam, known as an iSight camera, this is fitted just above the TFT screen and can be used as a webcam and for taking still photos. There is also a remote control panel, which is fitted to the front of the screen. This allows you to search through your music library, video collection or even your audio books.

There are lots of little touches which make using an apple computer a dream! Apple has thought of everything, no matter how small it is! Take the power adaptor as an example, sure they could have used a standard adaptor with a standard plug, but they didn’t. They designed a complex magnetic plug which uses a magnet to hold the power cable onto your computer, why? Well it’s quite simple, if anyone trips over the lead, then the lead will easily come away from your computer without you having to worry about your computer flying across the floor.

These laptops also have the future in mind, most of them have 802.11n Wireless network cards built in, which is the newest wireless network standard. Of course you can still use this with your existing 802.11a/b/g network. The Bluetooth adaptor and wireless network card works as soon as you take the laptop out of the box which makes it very simple to use!

Many people ask me “Where can I buy a Mac laptop?”, the answer to this isn’t as complicated as you might imagine. Sure your choice of vendors might be limited slightly, however it is still fairly easy to get a good deal on a Mac computer.

There are some tips to consider so that you can get the best price for your Mac laptop:

1) Keep an eye on the dates that new products are launched, or they are updated. You should use advice on websites to find out when you should purchase your computer. There will be certain trends, which you may be able to use to your advantage.

2) Refurb – Your shiny new Mac laptop doesn’t actually have to be brand new. You might also want to consider the option of purchasing a refurbished Mac computer. You can sometimes get a computer which has only been opened and then returned, so it’s almost like new. Take a look on the apple online store so you can get an idea of the savings you can take advantage of. It’s also possible to buy refurbished computers from other places. However, you need to make sure that you trust the seller.

3) Shop Online – As always you might get a better deal on the internet, you can try out some of the price comparison sites to help you track down the best priced Mac Laptop. I’ve found the best deals available on Amazon.com

So there you go, the answer to “Where can I buy a Mac Laptop” doesn’t actually have to be that difficult.

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