Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack

Along the lines of the drawing party game Pictionary comes Telestrations. Most party drawing games work on basically the same premise. A word or phrase is chosen randomly, then a player must attempt to draw a fair enough representation of that word or phrase so that team members can guess it correctly. But Telestrations has a wonderful new twist on … Read More

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Starter Pack 2.0

What could be more appealing to children than a combination of Disney characters and Marvel superheroes? The two entertainment powerhouses have come together for a full line of toys and games. And one video game system which includes physical toy components is the unique Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Starter Pack, version 2.0. Expanding your child’s imagination with … Read More


Dunkaroos is a trademarked snack food produced by the Betty Crocker company. It was launched and introduced to the marketplace in 1988. We’ll talk a little further about this fun and delicious snack food. The product includes a small box which contains kangaroo shaped cookies. It also includes either chocolate, vanilla or rainbow frosting which is used as a dipping … Read More