Disguise Disney’s Frozen Elsa Deluxe Girl’s Costume

The three-dimensional computer animated fantasy comedy Frozen was released by Walt Disney pictures in 2013. One of the main characters of the movie is the beautiful Elsa, also named the Snow Queen of Arendelle. Introduced as the Princess of an imaginary Scandinavian kingdom, Elsa can produce and control ice and snow. In the popular movie, Elsa accidentally casts a winter … Read More

Kirk Costumes

A friend is going to wear a Kirk costume for your upcoming party. You know he will look the part. You know he will have a great time at the party, but what you are concerned about, what you wonder about, is how he will handle certain other aspects of the character. After all, apart from the Starship uniform, there … Read More

Spock Costumes

A very shy person can still enjoy a big Halloween party, dress up event or even a sci-fi convention if he wears a Spock costume. Spock, the Vulcan, is the perfect choice for people who are shy or a little more reserved because of his very nature. You don’t have to try to be more outgoing, and standing around watching … Read More