Rasta Bands

Rasta BandsRasta bands are a great way to show your support for the Jamaican Rastafarian practices. Many people wear hats and shirts, but because of the bright colors, these may not be the best choices to wear to work or certain other places. Wearing the wrist bands will allow you to proudly wear the colors, which are red, yellow and green, without being right “in your face” with them. These are becoming more and more popular, and they can really make a statement, especially if you are a true follower.

What Is Rasta?

The Rastafarian religion began in Africa, and is usually associated with Jamaica. Not only is it a religion, but for those who follow it, it is a way of life. Those who follow this religion are outspoken against oppression, inequality and poverty, and this is not just a part of their religion, but a part of their lifestyle and way of thinking. Marijuana smoking is generally associated with it, and it is considered to be the way that followers can speak to their God, along with following the Christian bible.

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Various Designs

There are many different designs available. Of course, they will all have the traditional colors, and these colors can be incorporated into a variety of designs. You will find many that have the image of the Jamaican flag on them, and others that just have stripes of red, yellow and green. There are many Bob Marley wristbands available, some with his image, and others with some of his most famous song lyrics, including “One Love”.

Why Bother?

You may be wondering why you would want to be bothered wearing these. In many cases, they are worn when people are working out. When you work out, you perspire, and the perspiration can run down onto your hands, making it difficult to grip weights and other workout gear. When you have these, they will help to catch the perspiration, and you won’t have to worry about weights slipping from your hands and doing any injury to yourself. You will not only be protecting yourself in the gym, you will also be letting people know where your beliefs lie.

If you want to be able to show off your colors whenever you want, even if you are going to be someplace where you can’t with one of the hats or a brightly colored shirt, you can still wear wrist bands. Take a look at the many different Rasta bands available, and proudly show your colors any time, and any place, even if you are going to be at a formal event.

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