ParacordParacord was actually originally used for suspension lines on parachutes in America. The strength of this cord or rope comes from the 32 strands of woven nylon used to create the outer shell or sheath. The inside of this sturdy material is constructed of seven two-ply nylon yarns.

Another reason for the popularity of this outdoor material is that it has a minimum of 550 pounds for its breaking strength. All of this also comes at only an eighth of an inch diameter. In other words, a small material that packs a powerful punch. This is also made of lightweight nylon roping that is actually soft and smooth to the touch.

Current Uses for This Nylon Powerhouse

The thing is the craze for this material expanded past the parachute. This type of cord is often used for things like:

• Attaching harnesses
• Dummy cords
• Cords to avoid losing important pieces of equipment
• Back pack and other tie downs
• Camouflage nets
• And so much more

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Its use with military and law enforcement has been an enormous contribution to getting tasks completed more easily and safely. This material can also be taken apart to use either the outer shell or the nylon innards for other tasks. It is usually necessary to melt the ends of the rope to avoid fraying.

Another major benefit of this material is that it dries quickly and easily. This also helps with the prevention of rotting or getting ruined by mold or mildew. If you have a situation that requires a strong, lightweight rope or material to act as a tie down, this is probably the perfect choice for your project.

Other Popular Uses

Right now this nylon material is being used for other important and not so crucial projects. Some of these include bracelets and fobs.

Fobs – For those who already love the look and feel of this material it seems only fitting to add a key fob to the collection. These come in a large variety of colors. The main benefit though is that they can be unraveled for use in an emergency situation. You’d be surprised when something this small and simple can come in handy to help fix a situation or make it easier.

Bracelets – Known as the survival bracelet, these have become quite popular. The entire braided looking bracelet is actually constructed from one single 550 Type III cord. The type you want comes from the specifications of the US military. You can however get these bracelets that come in multiple colors.

This type of cord is included in every survival kit these days, which would explain why it is the only material used for the survival bracelet. When those who are trained in the art of survival make it a point to keep paracord handy at all times, it make you think it can’t be all bad to have.

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