LED Lanterns

LED LanternsWhen is the best time to look for new LED lanterns? Preferably, before you really need one. If you are an avid camper, then choose yours before you head out for your next trip. Even if you do not camp at all, having one on hand for emergencies is also highly recommended. You can’t dash off to the store to buy one in the middle of a snowstorm, after all.

How Bright are They? One of the Most Important Features

Of course, one of the most important things that you need to look at when choosing is how bright it is. It does not matter if it the top name or the lowest priced or anything in between if it does not provide enough light to be worth it. The advantage of LED lights over other types is a higher quality of light as well as more output overall. You should decide whether you want one larger sized to provide the majority of your light or if you would be okay with several smaller ones to provide roughly the same amount.

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Battery Life Is the Second Most Important Feature

Next, you have to consider the battery life. Keep in mind that different things will affect the performance of any battery. For instance, if you are camping in an area with a lot of moisture or extreme cold or heat, the battery life will be much lower. The higher you turn it up, the shorter the battery life will be.

The Size and Weight

While not much a concern as part of your home emergency supplies, the weight can be a major deciding factor for a camper, especially the diehard rugged types who hike for miles before pitching a tent. If you are going to be packing a ton of gear on a rough trail or up the side of a mountain, you are going to want a smaller, lighter one. There are some that are even collapsible so that they take up less room, but that is before they get their batteries put into them. You can carry the batteries separately, but that means that you run the risk of losing them, leaving you in the dark without any batteries at all.

Safety Features

Finally, another consideration that you should keep in mind is how safe it is. Gas or oil models can tip over and cause fires. In addition, they often have fumes, which can make them dangerous to use around children or inside of tents. LED lanterns not only generate no heat at all but also have no fumes to worry about either.

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