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That Satisfying First Sip Of Delicious Caffeine…

If you’re sitting down right now enjoying a satisfying cup of coffee, you may be asking yourself “Where can I buy a thermal mugs?” The relatively new style of drinking vessel is based on its counterpart, the thermal carafe coffee maker. The modern innovation for brewing and drinking coffee is becoming very popular, and not without good reason.

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Executive Thermal MugThe thermal carafe is being utilized more today, especially in the work environment, because it keeps coffee hot without the need for a hot-plate. Hot-plates need an electrical outlet; a safe, dry countertop to hold them securely; and someone to turn them off at the end of the day.

Drip brewers do make a good cup of coffee, and the hot-plate does keep it hot, but the downside is that after a relatively short time, a hour or less, the brown, flavor-some liquid begins to take on that ‘stewed dishwater’ taste. It becomes strong, bitter, and unpalatable. Not a good thing when the company has visitors from the head office or potential clients who are visiting with senior management.

The carafe is useful when there are a large amount of staff members drinking all day, some of which duly take turns to prepare a fresh pot. The coffee doesn’t spend hours on the hot-plate, gradually fermenting into a thick, brown soup. It is consumed regularly, and enjoyed by all concerned.

Thermal MugBut, for convenience, and assurance of always having a deep satisfying brew, the thermal carafe is becoming the number one choice for offices and workshops alike. There is no hot-plate in the kitchen to worry about, and no unnecessary washing up and cleaning. In addition, it is also useful to be able to transfer the drink from the thermal carafe into thermal mugs, thereby taking fresh coffee from the kitchen, into the place of work, where it also keeps hot and fresh for a considerably longer time than conventional methods.

There is some difference of opinion on how long the brew will actually hold temperature in a thermal carafe or mug, in order to remain drinkable. Some manufacturers claim it will stay hot for up to two hours, and some a little less. From experience, I can report that within approximately one hour, the coffee does lose that hot, ‘fresh-brewed coffee’ taste. But, in order to maximize the use of a carafe, it is advantageous to preheat it by pouring boiling water into it. This will ensure that no heat is lost from the coffee because the interior of the carafe is cold at the beginning of the process.

Now, there are some drip brewers on the market that pour directly into a thermal carafe. Or there are smaller designs which will drip straight into a thermal mug. So, after hearing all the evidence for the fresh-brew experience, I can hear you asking “where can I buy thermal mugs,” and having decided to join the band of coffee drinkers who are investing in a thermal coffee carafe and mug, you will find they are available at most household stores.

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