Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs

Kneeling Ergonomic ChairsThe kneeling ergonomic chair is probably the most (at least one of the most) peculiar inventions you will find anywhere; but strangely enough it’s quite effective at what it does is improve my posture. It just so happens, that I never knew what one was or how it could improve my posture, until a few days ago; and as fate would have it, I went out and bought one.

Kneeling ergonomic chairs were invented to improve posture by helping you keep a straight lower back. Those of you out there who spend several hours a day seated by a computer or at a desk at work (possibly writing like me), then you may appreciate this neat invention and what it could do for your back.

To truly understand just how a chair could improve my posture, I really just had to sit in one to feel the difference, which by all accounts was instantaneous. Now I know that these days people will try and sell you anything, and I had my reservations until I actually tried it. Used correctly, you will immediately be forced to straighten your back while you sit. I use the word forced very lightly, as I don’t mean the it makes you sit in an uncomfortable position, I mean to be in a comfortable position your back will have to be straight and that’s how it will improve posture.

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You’re supposed to use it by placing your knees on the knee rest and shifting the strain you place on you back using your knees as support. I assure you, if you haven’t used one before this may feel quite awkward but your body adjusts to the new sitting style with time. I believe the benefits greatly outweigh the slight discomfort you would feel at first; I mean nobody wants to have an arched back in their old age when this genius of a chair could prevent that do they?.

Well, I took some time to look at the various designs available and what material these ergonomic chairs are made out of. I fell for one that I saw, beautifully crafted out of mahogany (I’m a huge fan of wood furniture), gleaming with a reclining lower back rest.

Assembly of my chair was very straightforward with everything aligning up perfectly. What I like most about it is that the height and the angle of the knee rest can be adjusted so it can cater for people of different heights and preference very easily. The thick padding on the knee rest and the seat makes it very comfortable (it’s not leather or anything), and has a strong fabric upholstery. My chair also came with rollers under the legs which I thought was the ‘cherry’ on an already perfect purchase. All in all if you want to improve posture, you should buy one of the many kneeling ergonomic chairs available in my opinion.

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