a Chalkboard

They have been a staple in virtually every schoolroom around the world. What are we talking about? Well the chalkboard of course! Let’s discuss this useful product further.

A chalkboard is a hard flat surface. Early versions of the product were made from flat pieces of rock. It evolved to where the flat rock could be made fairly thin and applied to a lighter weight backing.

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Pieces of chalk would leave their mark on the surface and could also be erased by washing or wiping the chalk residue off the surface. Chalkboards have been used throughout classrooms and individually by students as a way to communicate written words, symbols or pictures.

When used in a classroom, the teacher or students can write different things for all students to see. Or they can be used in smaller versions so the student or child can write or draw at will.

Modern chalkboards can use a hard smooth plastic surface instead of slate. But the result is largely the same.

Chalkboards can be purchased in a great many sizes, colors, and styles. They can be found office supply retailers like Office Depot. And they are offered for sale in teacher supply retailers as well. Many traditional retailers like Walmart or Target sell these products.

In addition there are many fine online retailers to consider. Many of them have helpful websites which contain a great deal of information and provide a way to view many options for consideration. You are sure to find the perfect chalkboard for personal use or commercial use.

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