an Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald Engagement RingChoosing an emerald engagement ring is becoming part of an ever growing pattern. It may surprise many people but not all women want a diamond as the center stone in their engagement ring, in fact many are leaning toward other stones and selecting them instead. One of the most popular new trends is choosing an emerald as the center piece of the ring.

Why are Women Choosing Emeralds?

Many women are electing to have an emerald engagement ring for practical reason such as keeping the cost for the ring down. When purchasing an engagement ring the last thing you want is to carry a debt for that ring long after the wedding. With an emerald you are able to purchase a larger carat ring for less than purchasing the same sized diamond. So you are able to stretch your money further.

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Another reason women are choosing emeralds is that many want to make their own statement and break away from the more traditional diamond settings. Women are looking for away to express their own individuality and one way to show the world that you are an individual is by selecting your own preference for your engagement ring.

Many women also love the fact that when they are choosing an emerald engagement ring there are so many genuinely original ways to create the setting around the ring. You may choose to incorporate a few diamonds around the stone or perhaps you want to go a little further with your original design and incorporate other gemstones. With an emerald as your center piece the choices for your setting are unlimited.

An emerald engagement ring looks absolutely fabulous in a variety of rings. For example you can choose yellow gold, or white gold and it will look stunning. Platinum rings with the emerald setting are also becoming quite popular and have a nice sophisticated look. So no matter which type of ring you prefer an emerald will set it off.

What to Look for when Purchasing an Emerald

Knowing what to look for in emerald is very important. One thing you should know is that most emeralds will have flaws in them; in fact flawless emeralds are very rare and very pricey. The important thing about the flaw is where it is placed in the setting. Color is also important, the best emeralds have a “new grass” green color to them. Another important factor is color saturation, the highest quality emeralds will rate as “highly pure” in density. Then you have the hue of the emerald, most emeralds have other colors in them besides just green. To see these colors tilt the stone a bit and you should be able to see them.

When you are thinking about breaking with tradition you should know that you will not be the first to do so. In fact one very famous woman also wore and emerald engagement ring. Our thirty-fifth president, John F. Kennedy, gave his fiancée Jacqueline Bouvier a 2.88 emerald and diamond engagement ring. So when you are looking to express your individuality buy purchasing an emerald engagement ring know that you have impeccable taste.

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