Pandora Charms

Pandora CharmsJewelry makes a wonderful gift and a timeless possession. It is something that is welcome for nearly any occasion or for no reason at all. Unlike flowers and candy, jewelry will last indefinitely, acting as a reminder of the thought behind it as a gift.

One way to offer versatility to jewelry and to guarantee there will always be plenty of options is to choose versatile Pandora charms. These bracelets and necklaces feature unique charms that can be changed easily, allowing them to be customized for special occasions, seasons, or sentiments. In addition to a gift option for someone special, Pandora charms can also turn into a hobby of sorts, as you continually add to your collection. Pandora offers quality products in a wide range of prices, so everyone can find something special.

The supply of Pandora charms is seemingly endless. There are thousands of options available and new editions are always being released. But where do you start and how do you choose?

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Bases for the Charms

The first step in creating a Pandora bracelet is to select a base for the charms to be attached to. These come in a variety of styles and materials. Bracelets are the most common choice. They come in different types of silver, gold, and even leather. They are offered in dainty thin versions or thicker, slightly more rugged and “edgy” styles.

When selecting a bracelet base for your charms, think about how many charms and beads you want to add, the types of clothing you usually wear (you want the bracelet to match as many of your outfits as possible), and which styles you are drawn to for visual appeal.

Pandora Charms and Spacers

On average, a Pandora bracelet is designed to hold at least 5 unique charms without looking or feeling overcrowded. However, the number of charms that will fit will also depend on the charms you select. Some charms will be dainty while others may be thick and bulky. To help keep things separated, and to help fill up empty space, there special beads called spacers.

Spacers come in a variety of designs to meet any personality or desired bracelet design. They help keep charms separated so they do not bang together. They also help your bracelet stand out as a one-of-a-kind creation. Spacers are a great way to add simple beauty to a bracelet if you want to have one or two special charms rather than several.

Which Pandora Charms to Select?

When it comes to selecting charms, there are two main options – dangling charms and Murano beads. The big difference is that the charms dangle or hang, and Murano beads do not. The dangling charms fit on the bracelet using a special threading clip that was designed to be easy to use while preventing the charms from slipping off. And the Murano beads stay closer to the wrist.

Both options offer beautiful ways to design your own special piece of jewelry, and they can be mixed and matched as well. Simply put, there are absolutely no limits on your personal customization with Pandora charms.

Some charms are limited edition and most charms are eventually “retired”, making them more valuable. Every country may also have specialized charms that are only available in that location. Because the variety of charms is constantly changing, you will never get tired of your bracelet. It can change as your mood, personality and style does.

Protect Your Creation With Smart Safety Options

There are special chains designed to help keep your Pandora charms safe. These chains help prevent your bracelet from slipping off when you remove it and will keep your charms safely in place on your bracelet.

This is a smart idea, because some beads and charms can chip or break if they fall to the ground. The safety chain never makes your bracelet look tacky or bulky, and helps protect your unique Pandora creation.

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