Iron and Crystal Chandeliers

Iron and Crystal ChandeliersA renovation project can be as simple as changing the drapes or more involved like choosing iron and crystal chandeliers for the room. Not every project can be so easily accomplished as a splash of paint or even just moving the existing furniture around, sometimes you actually have to do more work than just that- sometimes you actually have to start from scratch. Adding a chandelier to a room can give it a little pop of drama and can become the focal point, an interesting conversation starter. Using a chandelier with a dimmer switch gives you even more control over the tone of that room.

There are a number of advantages to using iron for your chandelier’s base material. First, it is a relatively inexpensive and is amenable to being worked into a variety of shapes and squiggles. The metal can be left relatively plain or it can be fairly ornate. Adding in the crystal accents makes the chandelier appear a little more opulent and can also make the room look brighter even if the lights are not on. Your chandelier can have several lights in it or it can be a single light surrounded by the crystals. Your choice may be determined by the size of the light itself and the appearance you are trying to convey.

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The most common room for a chandelier of any style is the dining room. Since they are usually situated directly above a dining room table, it might be a good idea to consider matching those shapes to one another or at least keeping the size and shapes balanced. For instance, with a very long and rectangular dining room table, a very small, angular chandelier might look strange and out of place. But, over that same table, a strong and well sized light will be perfect. For a smaller, round table, a smaller sized chandelier is necessary because allowing the lighting fixture to be larger than your table is a strange look.

Keep the chandelier’s overall style in mind when you are looking at it. While you might fall in love with a certain type of look, a dripping with crystals chandelier will look seriously out of place in a minimalist decorating style. After you have chosen the right size and style for your chandelier and your room and it is installed, there is no turning back. Before you get to that point, take a few minutes to really consider this choice that you are making. While you may not notice other light fixtures whenever you walk into a room, you will certainly notice the iron and crystal chandelier, no matter which room it is in.

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