Wine Bottle Openers

Oster Electric Wine Bottle OpenerGone are the days of the cheap, flimsy wine bottle openers that were next to impossible to use correctly. Unless for some reason that is the traditional style you want to stick with, it is time to start considering all the newer, fancier, high-tech alternatives available to you nowadays. The prices range depending on the cap. The brand and materials used also have a lot to do with what you will be looking to spend.

They come in a variety that can even come down to what best matches your kitchen or bar area. Before making a decision, you should be aware of some of the options around. By doing so you can make a wise consumer choice you will not regret. Part of doing this is to not make your selection based solely on price but include the features, look and durability you actually want.

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Metrokane Vertical RabbitFeatures to Consider

If you like to entertain or just drink wine with your meals, these can be great additions to your home. Like anything else on the market these days, though, there seem to be so many choices it could make your head spin. To help make sense of it, just consider which features you feel you want or need to have when you purchase yours. For instance, it is necessary to make sure no matter what type you get it includes a soft grip handle.

Most come on bases that recharge the opener while not in use. In fact you should be able to find even the most basic of these handy devices can open at least 25 bottles without needing to be recharged. If you opt for one that is not electric or battery operated, you can still find ones that are easier to use than the old-fashioned kind. Soft grip, easy cranking, precise insertion and ease of cork removal are all things your modern day device should include.

Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle OpenerWhat Else Is There?

Many of the newer versions include foil cutters. This makes it easy to open wine or champagne without first peeling back the awkward and messy foil wrapping sealing it closed. For those that are cranked by hand, you may want to opt for one with a screw that pierces without sticking to save time and trouble.

Much of what you should look for depends on what you like, want or need. The main choices are usually deciding between whether you want one you operate by cranking or one that does all the work at the push of a button. Aside from that, enjoy shopping for wine bottle openers, which can make your home entertaining run that much smoother.

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