Mini Cupcake Liners

Mini Cupcake LinersMini cupcake liners can be used for more than just baking little cupcakes. In addition, you can use them for other baked goods or for craft projects. Many people like to use them to make their favorite treats look better and brighter, whether they are serving them for the family, at a party or even trying to sell them at a bake sale to raise money for school, church or another charity.

Beyond Baked Cupcakes

They are fun to make but only one option. If you have a pan or even one of the countertop, electric makers, you might choose to use these to keep the pan clean and free of debris. But you can make other foods that are not baked at all, like simple, single bite cheesecakes or other dainty nibbles. You can even use these to make savory appetizers for parties. Serving and clean up is simple because all of the mess is contained in the liner.

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One of the easiest ways to make a cheesecake with these little liners is by using premade cheesecake mix layered over a little crushed cookie crust. Finishing touches such as a single perfect berry can be added if you would like. It is a simple, three-step process that gives you a perfect, one point dessert that can be served even for unexpected guests.

Here is an additional, time saving tip: chill the plain, unadorned cheesecakes, until solid. Put four to six in a small sandwich bag, remove the excess air and then freeze for when you need them. To serve, bring to room temperature, add the berries or melted chocolate and you will look like you baked all day long.

Another use is to serve small tidbits such as snack mix, peanuts or even small candies. Set them up on a pretty platter, your guests pick one up, munching and mingling, tossing a small paper away when they are done without creating extra dishes or other problems.

Cupcake Liner Craft Projects

The beautiful ones, especially the printed ones for holidays, can be used to create a number of craft projects. If you flatten them out, you can add a button to the center and make a flower. If you fold one in half it becomes a skirt for a paper doll. There are a number of things that you can do with them- because they are paper they are ready for transformation into whatever you are thinking.

Finally, another use for the metallic ones: use them to set out the right amount of hand lotion, shampoo or conditioner. Because they do not leak, these can be used in dozens of ways for far more than just cupcakes.

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