Cob Holders

Cob HoldersSummer is here, and it is time to dig out those cob holders and the rest of your picnic and barbecue utensils. Corn on the cob is one of the most delicious summer treats going, but it is also one of the messiest, what with the butter running down your hands (and of course, what is it without lots of butter). The other thing is that it can be difficult to eat when it is hot, because it is so difficult to hold on to. When you have holders for your corn, you can eliminate a lot of the mess (you may still want a bib though), and you won’t burn your fingers while you get to enjoy yours while it is still hot out of the pot or off the grill.

Great for Kids

It can be difficult enough to eat, but it is even more difficult for small children, especially when it is hot. Kids already make plenty of messes with their food, and when you give them this treat, you can bet that you will have some cleaning up to do later on. If you make sure that there are holders on the ends of the corn, the mess won’t be quite as bad, and you won’t end up picking up ears that have been dropped on the ground because they are too hot. No more wasted food, and less mess to worry about. What more can you ask for from something so small?

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Lots of Cool Designs Available

There are all kinds of different styles. The most well-known styles actually look like little ears of corn, and you can get them in either metal or plastic. There are other cool designs as well, and you will also find that many companies use these as promotional items, and they are designed to look like company mascots. You can even get ones that look like little tiny soda bottles. Believe it or not, some people buy them as collectibles, especially the ones that are made as promotional items. These can actually be quite rare, and a collection of really cool ones is quite a conversation piece.

The next time you are planning a picnic or a camping trip, make sure that you bring all of the utensils you need to make your time easier, and therefore more enjoyable. If you are planning on having a corn boil, or putting some on the grill, don’t forget to have some cob holders for everyone to use, so even if there is no place to sit and eat, eating will still be easy to do.

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