Corn Cob Pipes

Corn Cob PipesIf you have been in the market for a new pipe, then you may to try corn cob pipes. They are some of the most popular types of pipes still used today. Traditionally, these types of pipes were used as a container for tobacco. People who use them feel that the corn cobs they are made out of give tobacco a unique taste that is much more appealing than modern pipes.

Corncob Tobacco Pipe

These pipes were originally used by farmers as they would tend to their work while enjoying the aromatic pleasures of a pipe. There has been a resurgence in these devices as they have now become the modern trends amongst tobacco smokers. You will notice that more and more people are using them while setting trends by today’s standards.

The great thing about this mechanism is that all of the parts are interchangeable. This means that you can switch out the cob itself or the filter. It all depends on your preference.

Here are some types of filters that are available for these pipes:

• Royal – These types of stems have a thick shaft to them ,which allows for a more deep smoke.

• Danish – These are thinner shafts that the smoke comes out quicker than the royal type.

• Straight – As in the name, this type is elongated and looks more stylish than the others.

• Bent – This filter is a neat little type that sort of looks like a curled snake as it is S shaped.

The filters listed above come in more than one color. You have the choice of two different colors: Black & Amber

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The cobs themselves, the part that holds tobacco, come in a large variety of types. There is no shortage of these pipes as they have made such a major comeback.

Here is a list of cobs that are available to you:

• Mini – Mini are very tiny and do not hold much tobacco. They are much more affordable than the other types as you can purchase them online or at any tobacco retailer.

• Cherry – This is just the type of cob that you have been looking for as it looks and smells good. It is constructed out of cherry wood and has a very unique taste once you add tobacco.

• Natural – It’s just another ordinary pipe. This type is all natural and nothing fancy, but the taste that emerges from it will make you rethink just how natural it really is.

• Maple – Made from maple wood, this pipe is one of the best sellers around. Maple brings such a sensation to tobacco smokers that they can’t stop enjoying the maple overtones or switch.

• Varnished – The manufacturers of this type of pipe did something different to it; they varnished it. It looks stylish as far as pipes go as the cob is much darker looking.

• Egg – You would think that this type is more of a novelty, but it’s not. The cob takes on such a different look. It’s actually shaped like an egg with an opening on top for tobacco.

• Spool – The spool, much like the egg, has a strange look as far as pipes go. This type is shaped actually like a spool, the type of spool used for sewing. Manufacturers are making these pipes different so they can increase in their popularity.

These pipes are constructed out of a corn cob type substance that is foam like. Most people think that they are made from corn cobs as they once were, but the substance they are constructed out of is Meerschaum. This substance sits inside of a pipe that usually contains some type of wood or cob around it.

As these pipes were used over one hundred years ago, they become ever so popular around the 1920s as more and more pipe companies were popping up everywhere. People were smoking tobacco as it was plentiful.

Even though they have made a major comeback, there are fewer companies making them. The companies that still make them produce mass amounts for all users to enjoy. The downfall of these pipes is that they are no longer made by hand, but instead by machines. Every detail and facet of them is now made by technology. This takes away from their traditional value. The price of these pipes ranges as most of them are relatively inexpensive.

As mentioned, the mini type of these pipes tends to be the most popular choice besides ones constructed from woods. The reason they are so popular is because first time users want to sample this pipe before making a long term choice as to which one they like best. Also, because they are very inexpensive , sampling them is much easier to do with this type.

The great thing about the miniature is that it is only 3.5 inches long. This means that it is very portable and can be taken virtually anywhere that pipe smoking is permitted. The unit itself can become detached from the stem as you are able to interchange the filters and cobs. The minis come in a large variety as well.

Here are some examples of the type of minis:

• Straight
• Bent
• Cherry
• Oak

These are just to name a few varieties that they come in. There are too many to list as they can be researched online. So if you’re looking for great corn cob pipes, then any one of these will do.

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